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Welcome to Target Nutrition!

Our aim at Target Nutrition is to equip clients with the tools necessary to hit their individual, personal targets. We believe that eating is to be enjoyed, and the key to a healthy lifestyle lies in education.

In the era of social media, influencers, marketing strategies and sensationalist headlines, nutrition can be very confusing for people. There is lots of misinformation, false claims and myths around food out there. At Target Nutrition, we use a no-nonsense, evidence-based approach to ensure that you’re doing what it takes to get to where you want to be in safe, sustainable and healthy way. We will educate you in everything you need including healthy food choices, portion control, healthy recipes and cooking skills. 

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to feel difficult or feel like a chore and should be based on eating natural, nutritious and minimally processed foods to suit your food preferences.

This belief carries over into our sports performance ethos. Before considering sports nutrition strategies and supplements, we believe that the core foundation of optimal performance begins with a healthy balanced diet incorporating a wide range of whole foods. 

We believe that every client is different and will be treated as so.

Discover Our Story

John has over four years of quality experience working with a wide range of different clients, all with their own individual goals including weight loss, muscle gain and managing specific disorders.

Our Services

Personal Nutrition
Sports Nutrition
Menu Design
Cooking Demonstrations

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Our Services

Personal Nutrition

Once off consultation
Once off consultation & personal meal-plan
Personal meal plan only
Personal nutrition coaching – 1 month
Personal nutrition coaching – 6 weeks
Personal nutrition coaching – 12 weeks

Sports Nutrition

Body composition assessment
Fat loss
Muscle hypertrophy
Eating for performance
Supplement use
Recovery from injury
Cooking demonstrations for athletes
Anti-doping workshops

Menu Design

Healthy menu development
Provide healthy additional options for your menu
Alter current menu items to make them healthier
Menu analytics
Cafés, school or busines canteens, sports teams

Cooking Demonstrations

Demos can vary depending on what you do.
Some examples include:

Cooking basics
Balanced food
Food for performance
Cooking on a budget
Healthy snacks
Food prep
Using food leftovers


Sports tams

Presentation topics can vary depending on what you want. Some examples include:

General Nutrition
Sports Nutrition
Healthy Food Choices
Nutrition Labels
Nutrition for Shift Work
Nutrition for Immunity
Healthy Lunchbox

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